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A Winter’s Solstice Moment

December 20, 2009

A Winter Solstice Moment

Happy Solstice All.

Winter is a time of reflection for me. December slows me down and the poetic details become important. While on a trip to Shasta, CA, my family and I came upon this snow goddess, happily greeting us. I knew I wanted to share her with othersr. The stanza I recite is from a poem by Lisa Lindsey’s “Bare Trees,” which aptly describes the stark and revealing nature of winter as it has stripped the leaves from the trees and the hopefulness of the sun’s return.

The music excerpt is from Yo-Yo Ma’s and James Taylor’s rendering of Lennon’s “Xmas”.

Thanks to the anonymous snow goddess maker.

Here is the complete version of Lisa Lindsey’s poem, “Bare Trees”.

“Through bare trees
I can see all the rickety lean-tos
and sheds, and the outhouse
with the half-moon on the door,
once modestly covered in
summer’s greenery.

Through bare trees
I can watch the hawk
perched on a distant branch,
black silhouetted wings
shaking feathers and snow,
and so can its prey.

Through bare trees
I can be winter’s innocence,
unashamed needfulness,
the thin and reaching limbs of a beggar,
longing to touch
but the hem of the sun.