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Kids Against Fracking Take it to the Colorado Capitol

May 25, 2013

Polidoc Productions

“Kids Against Fracking” held a Day of Lobbying at Colorado’s State Capitol in Denver. Armed with frightening facts about fracking in their communities and concerns for their future, their state and their planet, these young activists, ages 10-17, met with their State Senators and Representatives to ask for a moratorium or a ban on fracking in Colorado.

Senators Morgan Carroll (D) and Irene Aguilar (D) as well as State Representatives Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (D) and Jonathan Singer(D) received the young lobbyists and provided them with some insight into the legislative path and obstacles to tackle in the process of enacting a ban. Passing a moratorium or a ban will be a challenge for Colorado’s politicians, who are pressured to permit fracking by the Oil and Gas Industry and a pro-fracking Governor.

Sam Schabacker of Colorado Food and Water Watch was impressed with the efforts of the young lobbyists. Noting that…

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